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Welcome to the Braatz / Bratz Family Website! The purpose of this page is to provide a place for all people with Bra(a)tz heritage worldwide to meet, exchange information about our name, compare genealogies, and have a little fun. If you have a contribution to make, please send it to

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Rudi and wife Christina visit Germany and have a wonderful time visiting "Cousins". Here are some details of their visit. Click Here

Update: November 2016: Our table of Braatz/Bratz names has been tremendously updated and expanded. We now go back to family members to 1330. The table includes over 9380 names. Check it out here. Got additions to the list? Please share them with us.

We have now added a facebook page. Come and visit us and become part of the Braatz/Bratz family.

We have now added our facts page in German as well as English. Just click on the German flag under the Family Facts menu selection on the left. We want to extend our appreciation to Edwin Braatz, Gottmadingen, Germany, for all his hard work in making the translations for us.

Two Braatz Branches Meet in Rio de Janeiro: Peter and Helene Braatz, from the USA, meet with Rudi in his home country of Brazil. Here are a few pics of their wonderful visit. Click Here

We've added a table of map links for many of the placenames to our family origins. Set up to accommodate Google Maps, Google Earth, and many of the other popular internet map programs, you can quickly locate many of those towns in Pommern that were prominent in your family's history. You can view the map links page here.

Rudi has wanted to visit the Pommern towns of Wopersnow, Semerow, RŁtzehagen, Schievelbein and Liepz, all in Neumark. This is where his family came from, before taking the long voyage to Brazil. When he was in Europe before the iron curtain came down, the Polish authorities did not give him the visa to enter the country because he indicated he wished to do genealogy research.

Wolfgang, in knowing of Rudi's desire to see what these towns looked like, made purposeful detours in his travels to capture these towns of film. Here are a few of those pictures.

If you have photos of your ancestral home towns, please share them with us and all who visit this site. We will gladly publish them here.

Update, December 2008: Rudi makes contact with Bratz and Braatz Families in Chile
Click here for details

Update, December 2008: New, exciting information about our Braatz heritage!
Are you a Braatz of noble blood? We are finding out more information by the day. Click HERE for an update on the Braatz Coat of Arms and the real history behind it.

"Do you know of US cousins to a Brazilian Family Branch?"

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