Recent Photos from Pommern

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Knowing that Wolfgang intended to visit the region in Pomerania, Rudi asked him for pictures of these places. He, very generously, included them in his itinerary and sent Rudi the attached images. Wolfgang said that there is not much to see there anymore, but the images give a good idea and are enough to fulfill my imagination of what it might have been in 1869, as Rudi's ancestors left Pomerania to Brazil.

We want to thank Wolfgang for sharing them with us, as well.

Rützehagen 1

Rützehagen 2

Rützehagen 3

Rützehagen 4

Liepz 1

Liepz 2

Wopersnow Friedhof 1

Wopersnow Friedhof 2

Wopersnow Friedhof 3

Wopersnow Kirche 1

Wopersnow 1

Wopersnow 2

Semerow 1

Semerow 2

Semerow 3

Schivelbein (Schifelbein, Schiefelbein, Schievelbein) Kirche

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