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Who's family can say that they have over 9380 family names dating back to the XIV century?

This is the result of a large amount of hard work, to bring the Braatz/Bratz individuals into a single listing.

The table now goes back as far as 1330 and includes over 9380 individuals.

Wolfgang, who lives near Berlin, did direct research in Berlin and Greifswald and alone listed more than 7 thousand of the 9380 names. He has made multiple trips to Schwäbisch Hall, doing much research to further our knowledge of our earliest roots.

Here is Wolfgang, always on the go!

The approximate count of contributions is about
Wolfgang - 7200
Ella Rose - 2000
Various contributions - 200
Rudi - the first seedlings

You can submit your family information and it will be added to the table. Just click on the Contact Us link on the lower left.

Thanks to those who contributed to the first table of 253 names, including Ella Rose, Helia Koch Braatz, Armindo Braatz, Gail Allred, and Adolar Klempke.

Many other Braatz's and Bratz's contributed their own family data. This table was constructed and is maintained by Rudi Braatz and Wolfgang Braatz. THANKS!!!!!

You can download this table as a Microsoft Excel file, if you wish.

You can also see the table as a PDF.  Here is a Summary and the Full Table.

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