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This website was first developed in November 1998 by Jim Braatz, in West Virginia.

Much of the information provided in the first release of the page was provided by Rudi Braatz, of Brazil, who also gave the initial impetus for creating an on-line gathering place for Braatz/Bratz family members from all continents.

Along with a sister site in German, German Pages of the Braatz Familie, our objective is to provide central gathering points for information on the Braatz/Bratz family branches and make it available to anyone seeking a better understanding of our collective ancestry.

These sites are currently being maintained by Rudi (Brazil), Ned (USA), and Wolfgang (Germany) Braatz.

Additional information is being provided by Bernadette (Germany), another Wolfgang (Germany), Richard (USA) and Edwin (Germany).

Let us know what we can do to improve the site and share with us any information you wish to see posted here.



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