The Bra(a)tz Foundation

We will not distribute fish, nor only teach to fish,
but mostly organize the fishing party

The Project

Constitute a foundation of the Braatz & Bratz families.

The objective of the Foundation is to undertake programs to raise the standard of education, of health (physical and emotional) and living standards of its target group.


We believe that with the right pull and push and an organized helping hand, many lives can be significantly improved, particularly if given early in life. We understand that the key to start a life of hope and joy lies in the family. Here much can be done to motivate, to give educational and psychological support to parents and to show the importance of inculcating in children the realization motive (this last aspect is not obvious in predominantly Latin countries, where dependence on relations and fatalistic views are predominant).
From an experience of receiving family support (in fact from Braun, Fredrich, Koch, Handel, Blauth, Hexsel, Isolan, Isatto, Amaral, Fracasso and Heuser families) to get education and job opportunities, comes the motivation to consider a family group as a target for such a project. Theories of personal development, which can better be tested in a well-defined group, also motivate the choice.


The target groups of the BF are the needy children up to young adults in educational age of the Bra(a)tz families and of those genetically related who have ancestors of the same family worldwide, making no distinction of religion, color, gender or political affiliation. Indirectly, the experience, methodologies, working materials and knowledge gained will be shared with other families. The choice of such a narrow target group from a small worldwide "family" deserves an explanation. Since resources will always be limited, a choice has to be made. It could have been the poor of a neighborhood, the victims of a certain disease or deficiency or any other criteria. Because of the bad experiences many people have with relatives, the idea may be rejected right away, but being bearers of the same surname does not mean, when we think about the members worldwide, that we are effectively relatives. The Bra(a)tz family is a family of survivors who escaped the decimation of 70% of the population of Pomerania, particularly in the 30 Years War and many others wars later in history, besides the potato hunger crisis which motivated the immigration to North and South America in the XIX century. We believe the family has no more than 10 thousand souls worldwide.


  1. Children education (directly and through mothers)
  2. Teenage education (directly and through parents)
  3. College education 
  4. Post-graduate education 
  5. International student exchange programs hosted at families of our target group
  6. Clearing internet site for demands and offers of volunteer assistance work (not limited to the target group)
  7. Research on genetics and health