DNA Project Activities

Thanks for visiting this site. We are actively involved in a DNA Genealogy Project for the Braatz/Bratz families. We have recently put together the beginnings of what we hope will be a broad-based database of information about many of the family branches that share the Braatz and similar surnames. With the new technology advances in DNA analysis, it is now possible to show the existence of common ancestors of different family branches and to define the cultural origins of your particular branch.

General information about the project can be found at the Family Tree DNA website: http://www.familytreedna.com

We will be sharing the results of our testing and as analysis shows the relationships of the various tested Bra(a)tz branches here on this site.

By looking at specific Loci on the Y Chromosome, it is possible to project the probability of common ancestors within a range of generations. In other words, about how long ago, did you and someone with a similar surname have a common male ancestor. This test is only useful when using DNA samples from a male descendant. Tests can look at 12, 25, or 37 specific Loci, returning different levels of statistical reliability based on the number. For a female of a branch, the method that can give the same level of ancestry information requires sampling a male brother, cousin, uncle, father, etc., who is a male in the direct family line. There are DNA tests that can also be performed on female samples, but they are not a predictor of common ancestors.

Additionally, the Y-DNA test is able to project the origins of your ancestry, based on the Haplotype analysis. It is able to tell whether your family origins are Nordic, Slavic, Native American, or a combination of many more. This will help to not only tell you where your roots actually came from, but tell whether those of other family branches share the same origins.

As more family branches are tested, more and more inferences can be made about relationships between the branches and their origins. It is a family quilt that is continually being expanded as more pieces are added.

Testing is overseen by the Family Tree DNA group, with the lab work completed by the University of Arizona. The information is kept private and is only shared based on your permission to do so. It is useful for genealogy purposes, but is not rigorous enough to make discoveries about inherited medical traits or many of the other uses that we commonly hear connected with DNA analysis. The generic information is shared with the group, so that connections between branches can be shown (without publishing specific personal identities). There are a lot more possibilities with the data, but I am not trying to give you a definitive outline here.

In the case of more than one male member of the same branch being interested in testing, it is evident when you understand the process that a second sample in the same family will not uncover any additional information. Options include multiple family members sharing the expense for one to be sampled, or contribution to the family group project so that others from other branches can be financially assisted in being tested as well.

There are 3 of us who have submitted DNA samples to date, and we will have the results of testing in a few weeks. There is a group discount charge of $99, U.S. Funds, for each member sampled. There is also a fund set up to assist others to offset some of the sampling charge. Specific signup information can be found at the: Braatz Surname DNA Project

There are many branches of Braatz, Bratz, and other close spellings that could probably be all from the same tree or trees. This new, exciting technology can now help us build a database that shows those relationships.

There is a lot of technical information about DNA testing and the current and future possibilities. For those interested in even more information on the subject, check out: Health and Genetics

We will try to answer any other questions that you may have and should you be interested, will assist you in setting up your project membership and sampling. Just drop us a note at our email address at: family@Braatz.com.