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Wolfgang obtained a very interesting document from Schimmelpfennig, a Neumark genealogy researcher, from which Rudi highlights the following:

1) It establishes that Bratz and Bratzen are the same name - Friedericka Henrejetta Bratzen has Johan Bratz as father - since she married a Müller, Bratzen was not her maiden name;
2) This same Friedericka Henrejetta married a Husar (a military group in the Prussian army) from a Regiment from General Blücher. Note this General was the one who helped to beat Napoleon in Waterloo in 1815. By coincidence, a Captain Bratz, con-decorated with the Iron Cross of the Prussian Army was in Blüchers troups, as we saw in the document from 1815 we show at our family site - this document was my first motivation to do genealogical research, as I found it in Hamburg among old documents from Erna Braatz and Helmut Braatz (her son), where I lived as a student in 1965/67.
3) A scandal in the family - Alma Helene Bertha Bratz lost her virginity in 1861 at the age of 30 and had to marry Daniel Neitzel - a dayloaner!

Rudi prepared the table in which he included only the names of Bratz, Braatz and Bratzen when additional information was available, besides the name. So, many Godfathers and Godmothers (Paten) were not listed.

Wolfgang's Document from Schimmelpfennig
Rudi's Table filtering out just Bratz, Braatz and Bratzen surnames

Wolfgang has been doing research of documents containing family information at Schwäbisch Hall. In summarizing this information, Rudi put it into a table. Definitely it was possible to establish that the Bratz and the Braz listed are from the same family, in fact the same name written differently (Illustrated in colors). There was no way to establish a connection from Bratz to Brazel, Bratzen or Bratzler.

Wolfgang's Research
Original Documents from Schwäbisch Hall
Rudi's Summary Table


A number of web sites now offer personal information about individuals, for a price. In this endeavor, they provide lists of names that they can give you more information about. While these lists have redundancy and aren't always updated, they do provide information about where someone of a certain name lives, have lived, and their approximate age. So, as a first step in finding someone, these lists provide places to start looking. Rudi has painstakingly compiled a listing of over 5500 Braatz names, shown here. Rudi also compiled a list of almost a thousand Bratz names, shown here.

Ned has created maps showing the distribution of Bra(a)tzes across the USA and Germany .

Ella Rose:
Ella's findings from German church records on the Braatz and Bratz names. Also her findings on both Braatz and Bratz from the Prussian records are available.

Telephone Listings from various countries:

United States Listings

Germany Listings

Sweden Listings

Norwegian Listings Search - Provided by Bjorn

Passenger List from Ellis Island. Entries are from the time period that Ellis Island Operated, 1892 to 1924.

List of Passengers

The Castle Garden at the Battery on the southern tip of Manhattan Island, New York City, is not as famous as Ellis Island, but just as important. Still standing along the shore of the Hudson River, in Battery Park, it served as the processing center for new immigrants arriving in the United States, entering at New York City. It operated as the primary entry point from 1855 until Ellis Island opened in 1890. Ellis Island continued in operation until 1924. An interactive search of Castle Garden's arrival database is available on the website

Castle Garden was New York's immigrant processing center from 1855 to 1890. From 1896 to 1941 it was New York City's Aquarium. Today Castle Garden is called Castle Clinton National Monument. It serves as a visitor information center for New York's National Parks and Monuments.

In order to simplify your research we have collected the 311 arrivals with Braatz and Bratz surnames here. They are shown sorted by first name and by ship name. If you find information that you are interested in here in these lists, then a visit to the website may help you fill in even more of the story.

Gravestone transcriptions for Kreis Konitz, transcribed in September of 2003. listing of dates and names provided by Wolfgang Braatz.

Rudi has compiled a list of Braatz/Bratz arrivals into Brazil, and the ships and dates involved.

Linda Vixie has very graciously researched the "Germans to America, 1865-1875" volume, and provided the table that lists the Braatz/Bratz individuals that came to the new world in that 10 year period.

Ned has researched the "Germans to America, 1875-1888" volume, and provided the table that lists the Braatz/Bratz individuals that came to the new world in that 13 year period.

Here is an extract of the Social Security Death Record Database, from the website , covering the Braatz surname.



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