"Your Research Contributions are Welcome - See How"

Here are some specific examples of what can be done:

1) Send us information on five generations of living relatives and

Braatz/Bratz ancestors, indicating year and place of birth, year of

death (if the case), father, mother and spouse;


2) Examine the list of names on the Braatz table and complete or

correct information presented there - entries in red indicate that

there are doubts about the correctness of the information;


3) Do research or order research on your familly at the US National

Archives - visit the following site for information:



4) Research passenger and immigration lists at the site bellow.


Records of about 3,050,000 passengers. Who came to the United

States and Canada in the Seventeenth, Eighteenth, and Nineteenth

Centuries. They estimate that there have been over 35,000,000

immigrants who came to the New World.


or on another site:



5) Plot on a map the places of birth of the earliest Braatz/Bratzes

listed on our table in order to find out whether there is a pattern of

migration or an indication of origin. The maps found at the following

sites may be of help:






6) Research microfilms from the Mormon Church for the places listed on

our table, particularly those with only one entry, since when there

are many entries from the same place, this has already been

researched. There are dozens of churches all over the world where this

microfilms can be researched. Find the addresses at the following site:



7) Research the "Generalmusterungrollen" (1791-1807), the

"Hinterpommersche Regieurung in Colberg/Stargard" (1654-1723) and the

"Akten des Oberpraesidenten mit Auswanderern" (1815-1933) at the

Vorpommersches Landesarchiv, Greifswald - Phone 038 34/7 72 86 Fax

038 34/25 52 P.O.Box (Postfach) 33 23 D-17463 Greifswald


8) Research the "Ten Series of Pennsylvania Archives" where Anthony,

Lowdwick and Philip (this one twice) are registered as marrying in the

second half of the eighteenth century, indicanting they were born

about 175? - These records would indicate that the first Bratz/Braatz

immigrants to the New World came one century earlier than thought.

These Archives are in Philadelphia or Harrisburg.


9) Research in Swedish archives, because the Historian Werner Braatz,

from Oshkosh had information that our family went to Germany as part

of the invading forces of King Gustav Adolf, in 1635. The Braatz

contacted in Sweden informed their ancestors came from Germany. The

Bratz family in Norway came from Klaipeda, Lithuania.