Ellis Island NY Passenger Listing

This is a summary of information available on the Ellis Island Website. Ellis Island was a New York, New York, USA entry point through the immigration service from 1892 to 1924. They have records of entry, including copies of the original ship manifests. By visiting their site, at http://EllisIsland.org , and getting free sign in privileges, you can view the ship manifest of a passenger entry, search for different surnames, either with either exact spelling or soundex type capability. Here is a example of the passenger summary information available: Summary

When viewing the actual manifests, you will see that even more information is available. In many cases, notes written in to extra columns or into columns designated for other information, you can find out even more your relative.

Listing of the Bra(a)tz entries in their database is available here: Database

For specific information about an individual passenger, please go to their website directly.

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