1 August Braatz


Spouse: Paulina UNKNOWN

Children: Otto E (1884-1971)

1.1 Otto E Braatz


Birth: 1 May 1884

Death: Apr 1971, Oak Park, Illinois

Spouse: Dorothea Hillmer

Birth: 17 Dec 1885

Death: 8 Sep 1973, Cook Co., Illinois

Father: Henry J Hillmer (1861-1933)

Mother: Dorothy Leuhr (1865-1950)

Marr: 21 Aug 1909

Children: Dorothy E (1913-1980)

Edward M (1914-1993)

1.1.1 Dorothy E Braatz


Birth: 3 Mar 1913, Illinois

Death: Jun 1980, Tigerton, Shawano, WISCONSIN

Spouse: Werner Hoeft

1.1.2 Edward M Braatz


Birth: 21 Jul 1914, Illinois

Death: 15 Jul 1993, La Grange, Cook County, Illinois

Spouse: Virginia UNKNOWN

Children: David (1956-) David Braatz


Birth: 22 Oct 1956

Spouse: Rhonda UNKNOWN

Children: Matthew

Devin (1991-) Matthew Braatz

---------------------------------------- Devin Braatz


Birth: 1991


1 Frederick (I) Braatz


Birth: 27 Nov 1828, GERMANY

Death: Dec , WISCONSIN

Spouse: Augusta Breu

Birth: 11 Nov 1837, GERMANY

Death: 1926, Plum City, Pierce Co., WISCONSIN

Marr: 4 Nov 1859, GERMANY

Children: Minnie (1861-)

William (1863-1932)

August (1867-1940)

Mary (1871-1932)

Anna Sophia (1876-1970)

Frederick II (1881-)

1.1 Minnie Braatz


Birth: 1861, At sea on the Atlantic Ocean.

Was born when the family were coming to America. Never married.

1.2 William Braatz


Birth: 1863, WISCONSIN

Death: 1932, Plum City, Pierce Co., WISCONSIN

Never married.

1.3 August Braatz


Birth: 1867, WISCONSIN

Death: 12 Jun 1940, Placerville, El Dorado, CALIFORNIA

August Braatz could not get along with his father, Fred Sr. so when he was about 16 he left home. His sister Anna Sophia heard from him very, very seldom and as the years went by, less and less. It seems that August took up gold prospecting. He had made his home with a couple in California. He wrote a letter and left it with this couple saying they should send it only after they were sure he was dead. At the time of his death he was in partnership with two other men in developing a small mine near Placerville, California.

They had dug a shaft down about 20 feet. On this particular day, August Braatz took his turn at the bottom of the shaft and was chipping rock and filling a metal bucket with the ore and rock.

One man pulled the bucket to the top and dumped it for the third man to wash. It seemed, so his partners claimed, that the man handling the bucket, fumbled when he got the bucket to the top, and somehow let go of the rope, and the bucket plummeted back down to the bottom and landed on August's head, killing him instantly.

The Braatz's thought it was foul play. Anna Sophia got his letter and a newspaper clipping from the couple he had been living with. Somewhere along the road of life he had changed his name to Brantz. August Braatz never married. The date of death is on the back of his picture in Anna Sophia's writing.

1.4 Mary Braatz


Birth: 8 Jan 1871, WISCONSIN

Death: Mar 1932, Tomahawk, Lincoln Co., WISCONSIN

Had no children.

Spouse: Otto Miller

Birth: 1872

Death: Mar 1932, Tomahawk, Lincoln Co., WISCONSIN

Marr: 11 Jun 1890, Plum City, Pierce Co., WISCONSIN

1.5 Anna Sophia Braatz


Birth: 19 Jun 1876, Shiocton, Outagamie Co., WISCONSIN

Death: 28 Jul 1970, Spring Valley, Pierce, WISCONSIN

Burial: 31 Jul 1970, Rock Elm Cemetery, Pierce, WISCONSIN

She was actually born in 1875. She took out insurance just after she was 21 years old. But she told them that she was not 21 years old yet. (The premiums would be cheaper.) So this accounts for the difference of one year in her age. Anna Sophia Braatz claims she was a twin, a brother was stillborn. She also claimed her brother was a twin and his brother was stillborn also. Obituary gives birthplace as Ashippun, Wisconsin which no longer exists on present day maps.

Spouse: Frederick Levi Collett

Birth: 23 Oct 1871, Rock Elm, Pierce Co., WISCONSIN

Death: 21 Oct 1932, Town of Cassian, Oneida Co., WISCONSIN

Marr: 21 Dec 1897, Durand, Pepin Co., WISCONSIN

Children: Clyde Elmer (1899-1979)

Earl Claire (1904-1981)

1.5.1 Clyde Elmer Collett


Birth: 27 Jan 1899, Lincoln, WISCONSIN

Death: 1979/1980, Hartford, Washington Co., WISCONSIN

Birthplace is listed near Bradley, Wisconsin.

Spouse: Anna Penz

Birth: 28 Sep 1906, WISCONSIN

Death: 1977/78, Hartford, Washington Co., WISCONSIN

Marr: 19 Nov 1925, St. Paul, Ramsey Co., MINNESOTA

Children: Dorothy Marie Penz (1924-)

Elaine (1927-)

Betty Mae (1928-)

Shirley Ann (1930-)

Carol June (1932-)

Peggy Lee (1940-) Dorothy Marie Penz Collett


Birth: 5 Feb 1924 Elaine Collett


Birth: 23 Feb 1927, Oneida, WISCONSIN Betty Mae Collett


Birth: 22 Oct 1928, Oneida, WISCONSIN Shirley Ann Collett


Birth: 30 Oct 1930, Oneida, WISCONSIN Carol June Collett


Birth: 27 Sep 1932, Oneida, WISCONSIN Peggy Lee Collett


Birth: 17 Apr 1940, Oneida, WISCONSIN

1.5.2a Earl Claire Collett*


Birth: 17 Mar 1904, Town of Cassian, Onieda Co., Wisconsin

Death: 19 Jan 1981, Los Angeles, California

Burial: 24 Jan 1981, Rose Hills Cemetery, Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CALIFORNIA

Spouse: Margaret Elizabeth Wilcox

Birth: 6 Oct 1905, Bomanville, Clememt Twp. Gladwin, Michigan

Death: 14 Oct 1992, Plano, Collin Co. Texas

Father: James Grover Cleveland Sr. Wilcox (1884-1954)

Mother: Rosery Margaret Jensen (1887-1964)

Marr: 14 May 1932, Rhinelander, Onieda Co., Wisconsin

Children: Phillis Lamoine (1935-)

Sharon Patricia (1938-)

Other Spouses Vivian "Billie" Hayes

1.5.2a.1 Phillis Lamoine Collett


Birth: 20 Nov 1935, Rhinelander, Oneida Co., WISCONSIN


Spouse: Ronald Wallace Quam

Birth: 5 Dec 1930, Nunda Township, Lake Co., SOUTH DAKOTA

Marr: 26 Oct 1957, Whittier, Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CALIFORNIA

Children: John Emil (1964-)

Julie Elizabeth (1966-)

1.5.2a.1.1 John Emil Quam


Birth: 22 Dec 1964, Santa Maria, Santa Barbara Co., CALIFORNIA

Spouse: Cynthia Kay Lee

Birth: 27 Jun 1965

Marr: 31 May 1986, Canyon Country, Los Angeles Co., CALIFORNIA

Children: Alice Lee (1988-)

1.5.2a.1.1.1 Alice Lee Quam


Birth: 16 Nov 1988, Valencia, Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA

1.5.2a.1.2 Julie Elizabeth Quam


Birth: 24 Sep 1966, Lompoc, Santa Barbara Co., CALIFORNIA

Spouse: Craig Theodore Abernethy

Birth: 17 Jul 1961, Sun Valley, Los Angeles Co., CALIFORNIA

Marr: 16 Jan 1993, Newhall, Los Angeles Co., CALIFORNIA

1.5.2a.2a Sharon Patricia Collett*


Birth: 31 May 1938, Rhinelander, Oneida Co., WISCONSIN

Spouse: Lee Chester Simmons

Birth: 3 Mar 1937, TEXAS

Death: 30 Mar 1971, Dallas, Dallas Co., TEXAS

Marr: 15 Oct 1960, East Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CALIFORNIA

Children: Chet Randall (1961-)

Laura Lee (1964-)

Other Spouses Thomas Harris SR. Porter

1.5.2a.2a.1a Chet Randall Simmons*


Birth: 25 Sep 1961, Montebello, Los Angeles Co., CALIFORNIA

Spouse: Sheryl Shultz

Birth: 21 Apr 1964, Middletown, Butler Co., OHIO

Marr: 2 Jul 1993, Nevade, Collin Co., TEXAS

Other Spouses Vickie Annette Meazell

1.5.2a.2a.1b Chet Randall Simmons* (See above)


Spouse: Vickie Annette Meazell

Marr: 20 Jun 1982, Wylie, Collin Co., TEXAS

Children: Chelsey Nicole (1982-)

Other Spouses Sheryl Shultz

1.5.2a.2a.1b.1 Chelsey Nicole Simmons


Birth: 2 Oct 1982, Wylie, Collin Co., TEXAS

1.5.2a.2a.2a Laura Lee Simmons*


Birth: 21 Dec 1964, Wylie, Collin Co., TEXAS

Laura raised Chelsey Nicole Simmons as a daughter.

Spouse: Kirk Roland Martin

Birth: 24 Sep 1961, Garland, Dallas Co., TEXAS

Marr: 24 Feb 1984, Dallas, Dallas Co., TEXAS

Children: Joshua Lee (1984-)

Other Spouses Robert Young Gray

1.5.2a.2a.2a.1 Joshua Lee Martin


Birth: 9 Mar 1984, Wylie, Collin Co., TEXAS

1.5.2a.2a.2b Laura Lee Simmons* (See above)


Spouse: Robert Young Gray

Birth: 30 Nov 1954, Paris, Lamar Co., TEXAS

Marr: 7 Nov 1987, Rockwall, Rockwall Co., TEXAS

Children: Nicolas Young (1990-)

Other Spouses Kirk Roland Martin

1.5.2a.2a.2b.1 Nicolas Young Gray


Birth: 18 Oct 1990, Dallas, Dallas Co., TEXAS

1.5.2a.2b Sharon Patricia Collett* (See above)


Spouse: Thomas Harris SR. Porter

Birth: 30 Dec 1933

Death: 22 Aug 1987, Dallas, Dallas Co., TEXAS

Marr: 12 Oct 1974, Wylie, Collin Co., TEXAS

Other Spouses Lee Chester Simmons

1.5.2b Earl Claire Collett* (See above)


Spouse: Vivian "Billie" Hayes

Birth: 25 Sep 1908

Death: Jun 1987, Downey, Los Angeles Co., CALIFORNIA

Marr: Oct 1948, Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CALIFORNIA

Other Spouses Margaret Elizabeth Wilcox

1.6 Frederick II Braatz


Birth: 22 Jan 1881, Pierce, WISCONSIN

Spouse: Barbara Hartwig

Marr: 27 Dec 1914, Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., MINNESOTA

Children: Elvira



Beverly (1936-)

1.6.1 Elvira Braatz


1.6.2 Edna Braatz


1.6.3 Lucy Braatz


1.6.4 Beverly Braatz


Birth: Mar 1936